Menu of Services Offered

Here are some of the services COW provides to one statewide association. A more complete list of services offered may be found on the “About COW” page on this site.

Basic Services Package

Maintaining a current membership database for use in all mailings and broadcast emails to the members and make available such lists to the Association President/Board an unlimited number of times per year.

Perform all clerical and administrative functions associated with Associatioin office including maintaining and updating the data bases, regularly reviewing and recommending updates for the website (where applicable), and responding (under the direction of the President/Board) to telephone calls, e-mails, and faxes that are sent to the Association.

Provide separate email address and distribute incoming emails to appropriate officer or board member(s).

Unlimited broadcast emails to members as approved by President or assignee.

Perform all clerical and administrative functions associated with membership.

Prepare and distribute ballots for elections, collect elections results, tabulate elections results and report outcome to President.

Prepare and distribute up to three (3) special mailings to Association members per year.


Newsletter Layout and Mailing

Prepare Association newsletters. Each newsletter may be up to 12 pages in length. Specifics of this service are as follows: